Keep your eye on the ball

A couple days ago Zoe and I were walking on the beach and she found a tennis ball. Usually she just plays with it a bit and then drops it soon after, but this day she was very attached and even for the first time became protective of it when other dogs came around. This ball didn’t look any different then any other, but for some reason it was special to her. I am sure the reason was because she was thinking about the upcoming Superbowl and how important it is for the wide receiver to keep his eye on the ball, and how if Jerry Rice and Steve Young were still playing she would have put money on the game. KIDDING. Today millions of people will tune in to watch the 2013 Superbowl with the with Ravens battling the 49ers for the championship ring. Zoe is here to remind you to keep your eye on the ball, not just in the game but throughout life.

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