Introducing the Royal Lord Ciccu

When Zoe was a puppy she LOVED all dogs. This might not be surprising since she is a dog, but there are some dogs I have met that would much rather be with a person than a dog. The moment she got her last round of shots I started taking her to a local off-leash dog park.

In all my vast reading about what do with your puppy every single resource said “socialize your dog.” And socialize would we ever, usually for about one to two hours a day. Each day as we would turn the corner into the neighborhood of the park she would start to whine with excitement. We would get out of the car with her on leash and once we had made it up the hill I would let her off and she would run like a shot out of cannon and everyone would turn and say “Zoe is here! The party can start!” All the dogs would rush around her and she would lay on her back showing she could care less about being dominate, because her main goal always was wrestling. She LOVES to wrestle (more on that in another post).

Time passed and one Sunday at that very dog park she got attacked, we were both scared and she was fairly bloody. Two stitches later and some scars to prove it, she became a bit more careful interacting with other dogs. Then there were a few other incidents, one white Labrador at the beach thought she was interested in his ball when all she cared about what showing she was submissive and she got a bite to the eye area, another scar, another lesson. Then one night we were walking down the street from our home and a Bulldog came racing down it’s driveway and started attacking both Zoe and me, she walked away unharmed, I still have two scars on my arm. We were both shaken, another scar, another lesson. And she became even a bit more hesitant with other dogs. She used to walk up to any dog she wanted to play with and start licking their mouth (a sign young pups do to their moms showing that they are submissive). Now she saves these greetings for dogs she has played with before and knows she can trust.

About seven months ago we got a new neighbor, and the new neighbor came with a dog, a six year old Chow/Akida rescue mix. While he was over twice her size they had the same coloring and similar markings. Zoe was instantly in love and clearly felt she could trust him. Every single time since that meeting when she sees him she runs up and starts kissing him, licking his mouth until he absolutely cannot stand it any longer. This dog’s name is Ciccu, or the Royal Lord Ciccu as we sometimes call him for his regal appearance. She has found in Ciccu a trusted partner, we should all be so lucky. He backs her up when things get rough on the sand, rabbit hunts with her, and now even cuddles with her. If he is in the right mood he will wrestle with her in the most gentle way as to never hurt her, he opens his large mouth and her whole head goes inside but he just keeps it open as they play showing that his teeth mean business but his heart is full of love. There will be many postings here about Ciccu and Zoe and their adventures, for now I wanted to introduce you to him. After many months he has begun to trust her and we can tell this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Zoe 'n Me Introducing Ciccu

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  1. Rose says:

    Thank you, Jordan, for your kind words about our much loved Cicciu. We feel very lucky to have him as part of our family. Since these two have started spending time together, we have also come to know and love Zoe too. We are truly lucky to have such good friends (Zoe and, of course, you!)

  2. Rose says:

    Oh, and I forgot to address Zoe by her title, Princess Zoe…Zoe and cicciu the best dogs ever…

  3. Jordan benShea says:

    We are so honored and appreciative for you and Ciccu!


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