Thankful Throwback Thursday

Back to my earliest memory as a child I have always woken up early eager for what the day might hold. I was never the teenager that slept until 10am, or even 8am, and even as I write this at 1am I will still get up at the same early time tomorrow. When I was a kid this meant being awake before anyone else in the house.

I remember vividly laying in bed so tired but not wanting to sleep because I didn’t want to miss a single part of the day. Puppies are a good way to help keep this tradition alive. When Zoe was a puppy I started off by crate training her because I had a trip planned out of the country within a month of adopting her and I wanted her to have a place she felt safe while I was gone. In retrospect I am not sure I would do the crate training again (more on that in a future post). The first few nights of her being with me were so tough, she whined out of I am sure fear of the unknown and who the hell was this lady putting her in a cage? Granted I slept with my fingers sticking through the crate to ensure her I was right there and talking to her most of the night. But each morning before the sun rose I would take her out of the crate and we would go to the couch where we would both fall asleep for the next hour plus listening to the day begin. She curled on my chest or somewhere near there, and me with my arms around her feeling her breathing and in awe of this animal.

There is this phenomenal peace that comes with feeling the simple breath of another being. I think this is what people talk about when they share experiences of meditating, the sheer peace of in and out breath. I adopted Zoe during a time in my life where I was reaching for peace and she delivered, and continues to every day.

Since I came home from that initial trip abroad, Zoe sleeps on the bed.

Zoe 'n Me Zoe Sleeps on the Bed

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