Introducing Kirby

When Zoe was a puppy she was happy being the submissive dog. If we were at a park and dogs surrounded her she would lay on her back with her tummy showing to express how much she did not care about being dominate. She would give up both food and treats happily to any dog.

But this started to change as she got older and specifically as she met my neighbor’s dog Kirby. Kirby is a seven pound full-breed Maltese rescue one of my neighbors adopted a bit under a year ago. While Zoe and Kirby are about the same age, they have a very different relationship than her and Ciccu. Where Zoe bows to all of Ciccu’s wishes, she challenges Kirby whenever he wants something from her. And if Kirby tries to make his way into our home she is ON HIM. She shadows him like Muhammad Ali and George Foreman making sure he doesn’t go after her food, lay on her bed, or simply relax anywhere in the house. At all points Zoe wants to make it VERY clear that SHE is the alpha. But they do chill together and at points find a symbiotic existence. And if either of them should ever get into any trouble they have proven they have each others backs.

It is amazing to watch how dogs interact and the distinct variance between different dogs and their hierarchy. But if we think about it in many ways we humans are the same way. There are some people we challenge and some we let walk on us. It is all about relationships, how we handle our professional relationships, our personal relationships as well as the relationship with ourselves. How often has  jealousy over a bone between dogs been not that much different then one of us wishing we had an outfit someone was wearing, a car someone was driving, or living in a house liks theirs? It’s amazing the things dogs can teach us about our human life.

There will be more stories about Kirby, but in the mean time Zoe is sharing as seen above, because as many of us learned from the Care Bears at a young age, “sharing is caring.”

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