Dog snow day

Zoe n Me Dog Snow Day

The other night I was listening to the local news and the weatherman said there would probably be snow on a local mountain from an upcoming storm. Now for most of the country this may seem like a normal occurrence, but we live in Santa Babara, California where the average temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. For you non-math majors out there that’s 32 degrees from freezing.

About twice a decade our fair front country is graced by the dusting of a light snow. My first thought was DOG SNOW DAY! Zoe had never been to the snow, she is very lean (by her choice I free-feed her) and because of her African heritage she loves baking in the sun, she is as my brother told her the other day “not equipped for the snow.” But my faith in her love for nature, and her impressive agile capabilities combined with RuffWear’s K-9 Overcoat (full post on the sheer awesomeness of this product later) made this a mission we had to accomplish.

Zoe n Me Dog Snow Day

Early one morning after the most recent rain and cool temperatures we set out with our neighbor and Ciccu (who was already a self-professed snow lover from his Cleveland winter years) to find this elusive snow. As we headed back toward the hills we saw what looked like a light layer of powdered sugar on the highest mountains in our view, my neighbor and I looked at each other, maybe this was just a road trip. As we got closer we saw a portion of the mountain that looked like it might be promising but as we gained in elevation both sides were thriving and green. After about an hour and a half drive we got to what my neighbor has since labeled “the only patch of Santa Barbara Country with snow.”

Zoe n Me Dog Snow Day

We started with them on leash and then let them off once we were away from the families as to not interfere. And Zoe, she LOVED the snow, every single thing about it. She ran and ran and ran and ran. Her and Ciccu chased each other, investigated news smells, rolled, dug, and explored.

Zoe n Me Dog Snow DayIt filled us with joy to see our dogs fully enjoying all nature had to offer that day, taking it all in and living it to the fullest. I have lived in Santa Barbara for over thirty years and never had I been to the mountain where we found the snow that day. Once again Zoe took me out of my normal routine and provided a beautiful adventure.

Zoe n Me Dog Snow Day


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  1. Rose says:

    A wonderful day to be sure with two of the best dogs ever!


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