Goat dogs

Goat Dogs from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

There are about five or six locations around Santa Barbara that we rotate for daily adventures. One of the closest is a rugged trail/park, in the fall it is full of foxtails and ticks, and during the winter it is extremely muddy. The spring brings beautiful flowers and in the summer it is all cleared out to escape any fire danger.

We enjoy it all year long and right now due to the recent rains it is bursting with tall grass. This park is legit off-leash, meaning the dogs are by law allowed to be there without a leash as long as they respond to your commands and play well with others. This means freedom for Zoe to run, and no toy breed dog owners complaining that she wants to play or is running too fast (yes we have had those complaints). Usually Zoe will explore both sides of the trail and run up ahead and sniff things out as we walk behind. A few days ago we were there with Ciccu and we turned around to see the above scene take place. In the midst of all the smells and adventures to be had, apparently taking a moment to enjoy the grass was most important. In California goats are used to graze the hills and decrease the fire danger, clearly Zoe and Ciccu flet they needed to lend a hand.

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