The clothing exception

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 Overcoat

Zoe and I are nature girls, we love the outdoors and would rather be on dirt than pavement. 

Of all the toys and items I have bought for Zoe she still prefers laying in dirt to almost anything, oh and a simple stick. So it probably comes as no surprise that from the beginning when adopting Zoe I was adamant that my dog would never wear clothing. While I have love for all animals, I had no desire to be a dog owner dressing my four-legged-friend in outfits. But after a few mornings of Zoe shivering as we were on our pre-dawn walks it occurred to me that my African dog might be not built for the unseasonably cold weather we’re having in Santa Barbara. And so the search began.

Here were my requirements:

  • Water resistant to easily wick the water.
  • Fleece inside to insulate in snow or rain.
  • Sturdy, durable and tear resistant for when she bolts through the branches and trees on a research project.
  • Machine washable, this is super key, having something for your dog which is not machine washable is just not a good idea.
  • Good fit, allowing for maximum running and maneuvering.

Now here is the thing about me and how I shop, it always starts with a Google search usually starting with the word “best.” So for instance today it was “best Santa Barbara plumber” for a water leak, in this case it was “best dog coat.” My theory is that I will find reviews where people have raved about the specific product I am looking for and hence called it the “best,” and it usually works. The first search brought up RuffWear (they are not paying me for this post, I mean come on nobody pays me for these posts, this blog is a simple addiction of love for my dog, not a revenue source). They have a pretty good range of options but the K-9 Overcoat stood out for the following reasons:

Water resistant: this coat repels water.

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 Overcoat


Fleece to insulate the rain/snow: when we are on Dog Snow Day snow got between her fur and chest but because of the fleece she was kept warm and insulated.

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 Overcoat

Sturdy, durable and tear resistant: Zoe thrashes through branches investigating and no sign of wear.

Zoe n Me Dog Snow Day

Machine washable: as we left the snow the coat was dirty with mud, a quick gentle cycle wash and line dry had it good as new.

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 Overcoat

Good fit: Zoe can run full speed, cut and turn corners and the jacket stays in place.

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 Overcoat

What you can’t really see from the photos is how there are clasps on either side where the ends get tucked away and don’t even come out when Zoe runs full force. We have only used the coat twice, but it is totally worth having as a resource. Oh and did I mention it is made with eco-friendly materials? And that it is reflective? Score! I would highly recommend this dog overcoat to anyone with an active dog. As with many things Zoe has taken me to a place I never saw myself going. My name is Jordan, and my dog has clothing.

Zoe 'n Me RuffWear K-9 OvercoatZoe has approved this product!

Zoe 'n Me Best Dog Product award



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