Zoe 'n Me Focused

Before I started my own business I would work long hours, be the first one in the office and the last one to leave.

My focus was regularly diffused during the day with meetings, people coming into my office, or the phone ringing. Now I run my own business and work even longer hours, as a friend recently said to me “working for yourself offers great hours, evenings and weekends.” And it’s  true, when it is your own business there is no time clock, whether it is 9pm or 11am you are always on, always thinking, always strategizing, always working. But the trade off means I can go take Zoe on a beach walk in the middle of the day, or go to a 3pm yoga class as long as my clients are taken care of and projects handled.

While I don’t have as many people coming into my office, the internet offers plenty of distractions… new Groupon email, oh I for sure will use this one… Huh, there is a shark whisperer… I wonder if the Dog Whisperer is still around… It’s kind of cold I should check the weather. But Zoe, when she is working (sniffing plants), researching (tracking snails) or investigating (digging in the dirt) she is focused. She gets this intense look and all of her attention is completely focused. The photo above is a perfect example, while there is a toy in her mouth she has spotted something up the hill and is totally focused on it’s movement.

Over the past few months I have started working on being more efficient with my time. If I find myself distracted I look at Zoe, take a deep breath, and feel grateful for what has become another Zoe lesson, learning to focus.

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