Hot dogs

Hot Dogs from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

A couple times a week Zoe, Ciccu, and Kirby go rabbit hunting. Or at least one definition of rabbit hunting.

This definition of rabbit hunting means we head out to a specific designated open nature area and they run around nonstop through brushes, bramble and branches tracking rabbits. They never catch them and the rabbits are always safe. Of the three dogs Zoe is by far the fastest and she has a few times been right on their heels, but they just take a quick turn and she keeps on running straight past them. She is always keeping tabs on Ciccu, running circles around him and making sure she is near him. Kirby tends to run around the area and when he feels up to it will run through the brushes with them. Ciccu is on the hunt, I heard a story that in his younger years (he is almost eight now) he caught a rabbit and I think these adventures make him feel young.

For a while we were concerned that we were stressing the rabbits, so we started paying more attention. Do the rabbits seem scared? Do any of the rabbits look hurt? Are they threatening any baby rabbits? But as we spent more time watching the bunnies we found that they seem pretty unfazed. They don’t even hop fast when the dogs are around, I mean sure they get out of the way, but other then that they seems pretty confident that they aren’t in any danger. We continue to observe and only do this intermittently.

One of the benefits of rabbit hunting is that it gets the dogs very very tired. Just a half hour has them more worn out then an hour and half beach walk. The video above is a snippet of them fresh off hunting laying in the shade and panting trying to catch their breath.  I am consistently trying to get photos of them hunting and hopefully sometime soon I can post a few successful shots, so far it has been just streaks of fur. For now it’s just a video of a couple hot dogs.

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