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It's on from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

Ciccu likes calm inside the house.
If it ever starts getting rowdy  inside Ciccu immediately pipes us and starts letting everyone know that they need to settle down. Usually he will do a low “I am serious and order must be restored” growl. He isn’t being threatening, he just feels that it is his job to keep the peace. It took him six months to come to the fact that wrestling with Zoe in the house would not make the planet spin in the opposite direction. But Zoe, she is always up for wrestling and loves to play, so every once in a while Ciccu needs some encouragement, hence the “GET HER CICCU!” you hear in the video.

The other day it was gloomy outside and the dogs had been inside for awhile.  I was coming back in the house when the above started to take place and after it had gone on a few minutes I figured I should probably get the camera. It is so rare that they wrestle inside let alone for an extended time.

A few things to note in the video; how Ciccu keeps his mouth all the way open and pretty much fits Zoe’s head inside, how Zoe is flying past Ciccu and he can almost not understand how she is moving so fast, and Kirby trying to figure out how to get in the game. Enjoy!

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