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My mom is an artist. Since before I was born she has done ceramics, glass-blowing, jewelry making, basket weaving and over the last several years has added painting.

I think she is amazing at all of them and fully admit that I horde and cherish her pottery. I specifically heart her bowls that she labors over every year to make for Empty Bowls Santa Barbara, which she started over fifteen years ago to help feed the hungry in Santa Barbara County. Each year I pillage a few and it has gotten to the point where I am stacking them about ten at a time, she is encouraging an exchange program, we are negotiating.

My mom has a dear friend named Merrillee, who is also a wonderful artist. Sometimes my mom throws the bowls and Merrillee draws on them creating wonderful masterpieces of everything from scenes of the Santa Barbara Farmers Market to the Courthouse. Each year at Empty Bowls we oohhh and aaahhhh over Merrillee’s creations amazed more and more with each one.

Recently my mom mentioned how some of her pottery friends are enjoying this blog and specifically mentioned Merrillee, who has two dogs herself. Fast forward to Tuesday when my mom came over and said she had something for me and to close my eyes, “you can open them now” she said, and in front of me was the bowl in the photo above saying this was a gift from Merrillee inspired from the Looking Back post I wrote last week. I was completely overwhelmed with appreciation and kindness. This is a bowl that my mom threw and Merrillee drew with Zoe on it, her collar with a “Z” inspired by my photo and something I had written. I have spent the last couple days staring at it during different points in the day with sheer love.

I started this blog out of a suggestion from my brother and had no idea it would create this touching gift. This made me think of often in life do we start something for one reason only to find out it has a chest full of treasures waiting for us as we continue on the path. Thank you Merrillee, for reading, for enjoying, and for giving me such a truly heartwarming piece of your time and talent.

Here is the photo that inspired the drawing:

Zoe 'n Me Looking back | Jordan benShea

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