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Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} Meditation partner | Jordan benShea | Santa Barbara, California

At the beginning of this year I started a 40 day yoga program with the studio I frequent regularly.

The idea was to have 40 days of pushing yourself beyond your usually comfortable limits. So for instance if you usually practiced yoga 3 days a week, for the 40 days you would go 6 days. The goal was to feel uncomfortable but not to break. If you usually ate a lot of processed food, you would start focusing your diet on whole foods. It even included four days of only fruits and vegetables. But the part for me which was the most rewarding was the mediation, the ready set pause. Pausing the phone, the computer, the errands, the to do list… pausing all of it.

Now on most mornings after I take Zoe on a first thing pre-dawn morning walk, I sit on a bench on my property and set my timer for six minutes. I deep breathe and let whatever comes in, in, and whatever goes out, out. I just be. This was a challenge when I started and continues to be on a daily basis, as I am someone whose mind is constantly going, fifteen different tracks at once, always. And let’s just be honest, it is quite exhausting going nonstop and I could probably use twenty minutes of pausing, but I am at least getting the six.

While I spend my six minutes trying to slow things down in my mind, Zoe sits and waits for me. For exactly the whole six minutes she sits and waits. She doesn’t explore, or sniff around, or investigate or research things. Nope, she waits, patiently. I wonder what is going on in her head that she knew this was the appropriate response. It is almost as thought she is thinking “ssshhh Jordan really needs this calm, now I wait.” I would venture to guess that she can sense my calmness (or at least for those six minutes I am hoping to be calm) and is responding to that behavior. Whatever it might be I am oh so grateful for it, for her, and for the pauses.

Can you spot Zoe above?

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