Deep breath

Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} Deep breath | Jordan benShea | Santa Barbara, California

The other morning I woke up to a work email that affected me more than it should.

As Zoe and I began our day I found myself agitated. We started with our normal morning walk and as we made our way I wanted to turn around, I started tugging on Zoe’s leash, “let’s go,” I said with impatience in my voice. She pulled in the opposite direction as if to make me aware we still had further to explore.

I looked at her, but she wouldn’t look at me. My heart sank. It is said that your dog can be your mirror. I took a deep breath and realized I was taking my frustration out on her, I had let my agitation over a professional situation out on my dog. Yes, there are times where being strict with your dog is necessary but this was not one of those disciplinary moments. Instantly I felt regret, kneeling down and I rubbed her neck, making eye contact “I am sorry Zoe, let’s explore a little more.” She shook it off and we continued, but my guilt was there to stay a bit longer.

How often in life do we take our frustrations our on those we love, if for no other reason than that they are there?

Yes, this example with Zoe is a small one, but sometimes the small lessons can help us learn the bigger ones.

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