Thirty fearless pounds

Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} Thirty fearless pounds | Jordan benShea | Santa Barbara, California

It’s dark outside and the temperature has dropped.

She barks, jumps off the bed and heads to the back door, there she waits in her down position requesting to be let out. I oblige and watch as her lean thirty pounds walks out the door into the night. I find myself struck with the sheer confidence as she embarks on a perimeter check unafraid of what she might find.

This is not an uncommon routine, but this night I completely aware of how this relatively small creature steps into the dark completely void of fear. Her one purpose is to protect us and our home.

When you’re a kid the dark can be a scary place for monsters to live, but there isn’t a real-based fear of what is out there because as a kid you really have no idea. It is only when we grow up and become older that through experience we begin to understand all the things in life that can harm us and those we love.

I always hear these phrases about fear, about how it holds people back, how it is the reason we might be unable to accomplish all our wildest dreams. I think the latest one I heard was “what would you do if you had no fear of failing.” Well, alrighty then, where do I begin?

I have an ongoing relationship with fear, and yes with the dark night. And yet here is my two year old rescue dog venturing out without fear. And it makes me second guess all those phrases and thoughts about fear and how it holds us back. Maybe I need to take a better look at my fear… maybe, just maybe, my fear could have me walking into the dark night with complete confidence instead of hesitancy for what I might find.

Or, I could always turn to Yoda for advice:

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