Hot tubbing [VIDEO]

Hot tubbing from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

If you read this blog regularly you know that Zoe loves nature.

A few days ago we took Zoe, Cicciu, Kirby and a friend named Volley hiking in the Santa Barbara hills. Zoe spent the entire time running, jumping, exploring, researching, and trying to defy gravity with her maneuvers. Kirby ran around and spent the majority of the time up running between the pack and even overcame his fear of water, for a bit. Volley stayed close to the humans like she usually does, and requested treats. Cicciu spent the time exploring as well, but when we came across a water pool he did exactly above, he simply stood there in total bliss, you see he is really built for the snow, all that fur allows for overheating easily.

The scene above took place about five or six times on the hike, Zoe running in and out and looking around, Kirby dipping in a toe, Volley wanting to play, and Cicciu… standing. Maybe this is the dog equivalent of the hot tub culture on Mountain Drive during the 1970s?

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