To stalk, or not to stalk

To stalk, or not to stalk from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

The other morning we headed out early for a beach walk.

It was only us and a couple others on the beach which left for few distractions. In my opinion it was a beautiful day for a beach walk, few people with a low tide making room for lots of open beach.

Ever since she was a puppy Zoe hasn’t been a fan of lazy birds. She believes whole-heartily that birds belong in the air, not on the sand near the water just taking their lazy dazy time. At first when she was very young she would just watch them with a clear feeling of responsibility for their behavior, but not sure what to do about it. Then she began to chase them, ensuring they always were working, it only seemed fair considering how much she was responsible for on an ongoing basis.

So when I saw the above happen it was a noticeable shift from her previous reactions. This time it is almost as though she is pondering if it is worth her effort:

Should I?

Do I need to?


Well… maybe they will revoke their lazy behavior simply on account of my being present.


Nah… I am good, they can be… THIS TIME.

And you my readers think that I anthropomorphize? Ha!

Happy Monday!

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