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I am beyond critical of myself. This is something I know and has been confirmed by those close to me on numerous instances.

Usually when you hear the phrase “putting your best foot forward” it is in relation to the impression you have on others. However, considering I am someone who is regularly concerned with how others see me, I started to think about the concept of putting my best foot forward for myself. I started thinking about giving myself the opportunities that I am so consistently encouraging other to take.

When I was in junior high school my theatre arts teacher in all her circled rouge fabulousness would say “I am NOT impressed,” in response to any rebellious thing we would do in class. And yes my internal 13 year old self would say “good thing I wasn’t trying to impress you than.” But that phrase and the way she said it has stuck with me whenever I heard the word “impressed.” Little did I know, or probably even little did she know, the impact it would have for years to come.

It isn’t rare that Zoe does something which has me so impressed. For instance on a beach walk the other morning, she jumped from the ground up to my face for a piece of Eucalyptus bark, I was VERY impressed! I think it was the highest she had ever jumped and I wonder if she was impressed with herself.

Maybe this May is the time to start thinking of our best foot forward with a new approach. Maybe this May (yes, I am loving the rhyme) we go outside of our comfort zone and instead of focusing on the impression we leave on others, we focus on the impression we leave on ourselves. So far this month I have put some things in place to encourage this new thought process. It is a work in progress, as I am, and as I know we all are. But if this is accomplished on May 31st we can look back on the month and think, “Way to go self, I am SO IMPRESSED!”

Whoose with me?

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