Goooaaalll!!! from Jordan benShea on Vimeo.

Zoe has never been really into balls.

From a young age I started teaching her how to retrieve her toys but I wasn’t adamant about encouraging the ball obsession. I wanted her to be able to enjoy our adventures without the ever-growing need to have a ball thrown for her. That being said every once in a while she will find one on the beach and it will provide her with a decent amount of entertainment until she just drops it and continues on without looking back.

The other day we were at a local school letting the dogs run and I came across a soccer ball. I had Cicciu in mind because apparently he is a fan of soccer balls, but he wanted no part of it on this day. Instead Zoe bolted after the ball and as you can see from above found a way to sink her teeth into it and bring it back. In my mind she made a goal and I thought about all the Italian announcers you here shouting GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL like in the below video:

Do you know any dogs that love soccer?

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