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We have three bee hives.

Zoe as of the other day has been stung four times.

The first time she got stung I was right there. One bee got her on the forehead, another one in her armpit area. She didn’t understand what was happening and kept trying to get them off with her paw. She was shaking and it took me about a half hour before I realized the stingers were still in her and immediately removed them. I gave her a safe dose of Benadryl in case she was allergic and watched her carefully. In about an hour she had calmed down. I also gave her some Rescue Remedy for Pets hoping it would calm her nerves and it seemed to a bit.

The second (but technically third sting), a bee got one of her foot pads. I was right there this time as well. She was shaking again, but I didn’t give her any Benadryl as I knew she wasn’t allergic. I gave her some Rescue Remedy, put some ice on it, and then a mix of baking soda and water on it to bring the swelling down. She shook it off after a half hour.

This (fourth) time a bee got her toe, I only noticed it because she was limping. I looked on her foot and noticed where she had been licking and found the stinger. She was shaking a bit, and I put some ice and have her some Rescue Remedy which makes her a bit sleepy. You can tell in the photo above she is thinking we might need to rethink this whole bee thing. About 20 minutes later she was all good as if nothing had happened when she saw Cicciu, acting all brave and fearless like a teenage girl. I could tell she was almost used to it at this point.

We debated moving the hives, what if she keeps getting stung? But I have it all figured out, it is known that bee stings are very good for arthritis, and bee products for overall health. So I figure, this just means she will live a long healthy life, right?

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