Earning the Stars and Stripes

Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} Grateful Fourth | Jordan benShea | Santa Barbara, California

I made a pact that I never would do this.

As my readers you can even hold me responsible based on my post about her snow jacket. But then today I was thinking what to do for a post about the fourth of July and you see… I had this t-shirt nearby… and well… one thing led to another. Before you know it I have stooped to the level of my dog wearing clothing!

Zoe is so embarrassed she won’t even show her face. I said it’s her way to earn her stripes and give back to a country that gives us so much. She didn’t see it that way. I suggested perhaps it’s a way for her to earn her keep. She just shook her head, tsk, tsk, tsk. How did I stoop this low?

And then I thought, wait a minute, we are hosting Cicciu for a week…. he for sure has to earn his keep, so this happened:

Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} Grateful Fourth | Jordan benShea | Santa Barbara, California


Except he is a wee bit larger than Zoe, so his arms didn’t fit through the holes, it almost looks like a patriotic straight jacket.

The Fourth of July tends to be a holiday where Americans blow things up, drink too much, eat too much, and indulge too much. It is so easy to forget the meaning of the holiday and the phenomenal sacrifice that so many have given and do give to provide us with this freedom. With the news being chalk full of stories about challenges people are facing abroad and domestically I think this holiday is a perfect opportunity to take a moment. Look around ourselves. Be grateful for clean water in your glass, for the ice in your cocktail. Be grateful for the excess of food on your table. Be grateful for a loved one with whom you share the time. Be grateful for the sacrifice so many brave men and women have made and are making today so we can have this holiday and make it whatever we want, because we have that freedom. Because we have through their bravery been given the phenomenal gift of choice.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a thousand times over to those whom have and do serve through your bravery, we have this freedom to enjoy Fourth or July. Zoe and Cicciu are using it to earn their stars and stripes, I am going to start with a digital detox not getting in the car. How will you be using this day of freedom?

P.S. I took the t-shirt off Zoe immediately after I took the photo, do you think I can keep my claim that my dog will not wear clothing?

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