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The beginning of the New Year means resolutions, resolutions, and more resolutions.

At dinner the other evening we were going around the table and everyone was sharing their resolutions. I paused and thought about how I would define that things I was thinking about focusing on for the next twelve months. And when it came my turn, instead of sharing I said I wanted to keep it to myself.

How many times do we say things and share things only to not follow through? It isn’t as thought we mean to tell a lie from the beginning but you know, there is that whole life thing that many times throws a wrench in our plans. So instead of sharing mine I decided to keep them private. I remember some years back I was in the midst of a very challenging time in my life, I had been telling those close to me I was going to make a specific change, and then I didn’t. And then I didn’t. And then I didn’t. But when it came time that I was actually for reals, reals reals, making the change I didn’t tell a soul. I think part of it was because I was so tired of hearing myself say things on which I wasn’t following through, that change took all my courage and strength at the time. But I did it, and on the other side those close to me were shocked I had made the change. Inside, I had a private victory.

One of the things Zoe was given this holiday season was a toy bee hive you can see above. It is a plush bee hive with three bees inside, each of them squeak and you put them in and then she finds them and takes them out. As you can see, her full head in IN the hive. That is how she does things, she doesn’t think about, hhmm should I go in the hive, should I go and find that squeaky thing… nope. She is ALL IN, ALL THE TIME.

Whatever your New Years resolutions are, or aren’t, and whatever you do or do not share, just make sure that you go all in. Not because you have told others, but because you have told yourself. And making a promise to yourself is worth all it’s weight in gold.

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