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It all started on a Tuesday morning watching the local news and seeing a set of three Labrador and Weimaraner mix puppies with blue eyes up for adoption at the local animal shelter. I was never the one that was going to get a dog, it was always my brother. But the maternal instinct took me over and what proceeded over the next three days was a belligerent rampage of puppy searching. Four counties, tens of thousands of photos, and a run on of conversations later I ended up at a rescue in a suburb of Los Angeles taking a three and a half month old puppy with a hurt leg into my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder and didn’t move for twenty minutes. There were some other people there checking out the available puppies and a K-9 police officer was one of them, he advised me to be careful because she had a limp and who knows what that could mean down the line. But don’t we all have things that could come up down the line? Plus, my lifelong appreciation for animals tied with her little face looking up at me had me primed for this adventure!

Zoe 'n Me {a dog blog} | Jordan benShea

That was over two years ago, now Zoe is two, runs about the speed of light and is in great health. Every day I find myself laughing as she embarks on adventures including but not limited to, protecting our vegetable garden from snails, rabbit hunting, making sure there are no lazy birds on the beach, or even just closing her eyes and letting the sun beat down on her as she takes it all in. I never imagined the phenomenal joy she could bring into my life and I am so honored that she picked me. You know those bumper stickers, “Who Rescued Who?” yeah, I know who. I feel that it is my job to take the very best care of her I can while learning all the lessons possible from this awesome creature. My name is Jordan benShea and this is a blog about my dog Zoe ‘n me on our adventures through life based out of Santa Barbara, California.

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